About us


If you value the environment, creativity, novelty, and design and happen to be looking for an awesome touch lamp, you have found it!

We find and convert a diverse array of beautiful Scandinavian household goods into lamps, like old coffee pots, some dating from the 1850s through to the present day. Using retro, vintage and antique objects in new ways with new technology gives our lamps a special feel that's really different and cool.

An enduring love for lights and a passion for second-hand shopping. This combination led us to start Bright Now Design. Here is how it all began. I saw an old copper coffee pot in a second-hand shop named Rebuy. It just clicked that putting a modern LED bulb inside it and upcycling it into a touch lamp would be a great idea! I immediately bought the pot and set to work. After a lot of prototyping with my wife, we finally arrived at the finished touch lamps you see here.
The process of upcycling benefits more in society than just buying new stuff from global companies. We are conscious creators aware of our environment that want to promote conscious consumption through our designs. In this way, we reduce pressure on the environment caused by extensive new manufacturing, and we reduce electricity consumption by using energy-efficient LED bulbs.
Each of our lamps is unique and has its’ own character and feeling. Some have the scars of their previous life indelibly marked on them, but we do not believe this spoils their beauty, but rather makes them more authentic. To emphasize this, we stamp each copper touch lamp with 'BND 1/1'. BND for 'Bright Now Design' and 1/1 for 'One of One'. This means that every piece we produce is unique. We make original lamps for original people.
At Bright Now Design we say;
‘You can touch this’

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